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High Precision Part in 3D measurement

Uncompromising precision parts with the highest accuracy

Companies in the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering, motor sports, medical technology and many other industries rely on IFT. IFT is a component supplier in contract manufacturing of ready-to-install precision parts in absolute accuracy.
These industries depend on the highest precision and quality of their components and assemblies at all times.

Even minimal errors can lead to serious losses, like at Formula 1 or during the launch of a space shuttle.

High-precision components prevent costly project failures. In critical projects, you as an entrepreneur or investor are heavily challenged. Even where it is not yet a legal requirement, it is advisable to take a look at the suppliers' certifications for components.

Of course, you expect us to provide working technology at all times. We are happy to meet this challenge.

Precision is our job. Our promise: Solving the most complex tasks in the production of mechanical components in contract manufacturing. With the highest precision. This is exactly what we stand for.

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For the result, every single employee at IFT gives his or her energy and motivation to aerospace, motor sports and to serve people by helping in medical technology. The IFT team is very happy to take up your challenge as well.

CNC turning at IFT

Bars, blanks, raw parts | Processing in small and medium series as well as prototypes. The strength of IFT is the production of high precision parts.

IFT takes over the raw material procurement of high-alloy steels, titanium, aluminum and non-ferrous metals and produces ready-to-install parts from it. Micrometer-precise machining of your components is our daily work. We start with rough milling, take on fine machining and also the measurement of components where true precision in production and smooth, low-maintenance operation are required.

Lapping, for example, is used to smooth the surfaces of our components, ensuring that tolerances of less than one micrometer are reliably maintained.

Honing (also a fine machining or hard finishing process for almost all materials) represents the final manufacturing process in production. The aim of honing is to improve the dimensional and shape accuracy of your precision parts.

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After our initial meeting, we will discuss the specific production part and your technical drawing. IFT will be happy to advise you on feasibility and costs.

White light interferometry

EN 9100 certified manufacturing

With the certification according to the EN 9100:2018 standard for aerospace we prove our internal quality claim. Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is also part of our portfolio.

Customers from other industries such as medical technology and motor sports also benefit from this, as they want low weight and highly precise, low-wear components at the same time.

A wheel suspension can influence the outcome of a world championship. In motorsports, rapid delivery times play an additional role. When you choose IFT as the manufacturing specialist for your components, you benefit from fast response times and short delivery schedules.

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